The Inspiring Story of Arianna Huffington

Arianna Huffington’s story is one from which we can all draw inspiration. She appears to measure success in a considered manner, recognising the importance of having passion in her work, but at the same time not letting the toils of work overwhelm the other joys in life.

Through the passion she has in her work she has now become one of the most recognisable names in online publishing, apparently once rejected by three dozen major publishers before she founded the Huffington Post empire. It was her second book, which she attempted to publish before the foundations of the Huffington Post were built, that was reportedly dismissed by publishers as many as 36 times.

During her childhood in Greece Arianna Huffington dreamed of going to Cambridge University after one day she looked in a magazine and saw a picture of the University. Her mother, whom she claims was the biggest influence on her life responded by saying “let’s find out how you can go there.” This was one of the first dreams she swiftly made reality. As her career began Arianna focused on attempting to become an acknowledged writer. She had limited funding and a mounting heap of refusals, nevertheless she ploughed on, kept moving forwards, and eventually published a dozen books. Step by step she progressed until in 2005 the Huffington Post was launched. Since then it has gone from strength to strength with the website surpassing the 100 million unique visitors per month milestone in October 2014.

One late evening, shortly after she raised the Huffington Post kingdom from the ground, she was in the office when she passed out and slumped onto her desk. She soon woke up, dazed and covered in blood. The cause of this incident wasn’t clear but what was evident was that her stressful and time strained lifestyle was having an unhealthy impact on her body and mind. Others report that Arianna then asked herself the question “What’s success for you? Is it really waking up in your office covered in blood?” For most this is evidently not how they define ‘success’….

Looking back, reminiscing on the long hours she worked, she is clear now that during those early frantic years she missed some of her biggest opportunities as her exhaustive lifestyle prevented her from having the clarity of mind to see them

In subsequent years Arianna has changed her lifestyle, installing some habits and rules that allow her to separate her private life from her work life. Something we at Imperium Lifestyle feel is imperative. The instant she returns from the office her electronic devices are set to not distract and disturb the moments she can enjoy in her private life.

Like us Arianna seems to be able to fall in love with the moments, to not miss the moments. Previous interviews have made it clear that she always tries to be present in the moment, to enjoy it and to not overthink the future during every waking moment. A story that will forever ring true with us is that one day she opened an email while playing with her kids, her Mother angrily told her in an imperious manner to stop whatever she is doing and pay 100% attention to what really matters. There’s no such thing as multi-tasking but task switching which means you are fully concentrated on your current task and once you’re done, you switch to the next one.

Arianna’s story inspires others to be brave, to chase their dreams, acknowledging that failure is not the opposite of success but it is part of success. However, all the time she makes it crystal clear that you should concentrate on the things that make you happy, the very things you were born to do.

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