Berners Tavern

We visited the imperious and elegant Berners Tavern with friends a couple of weeks ago. As explained on their website the gastronomic gem is under the direction of celebrated michelin starred chef Jason Atherton. The truly breathtaking setting, which was awarded GQ’s best restaurant interior in 2015 and Elle decoration best British interior in 2014, is conveniently situated in the Fitzrovia London Edition Hotel. They offer a contemporary British Menu that is simple yet elegant and in their own words utilises the very best produce in the British Isles.

The all day diners familiarity with the acceptance of prestigious awards highlights how superior it truly is. It is a special place that has no doubt welcomed London’s elite from time to time, nevertheless it also allows everyone else to enjoy something special as a reward for their handwork. The setting is as impressive as the food in it’s grandeur, opulence and classic style. The condensed menu is relatively simple and understated which has the added benefit of making it understandable, something you don’t always get at London’s fanciest eateries.

We visited the venue for a late Sunday afternoon lunch with a group of friends. The cocktail bar in the hotel entrance offered a fantastic selection of drinks and allowed you to enjoy a relatively homely and sophisticated surrounding, inclusive of an majestic log fire place. At Imperium Lifestyle we would recommend Berners Tavern as a new kind of gathering place in which you can dine or entertain at breakfast, lunch, dinner, tea or even late supper.

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