The Elephant Hills Adventure

This unique experience is something you simply won’t find in many other places on earth. In their own words Elephant Hills provides luxury tented jungle camps, combining the camp idea of African national parks with the Thai tropical forest environment. The two camps, The Elephant Camp and the floating rainforest camp, are both situated in Khao Sok, part of Southern Thailand’s largest stretch of primary rainforest.

The camps are close enough to civilization to be easily accessible from Thailand’s main hubs of activity. Nevertheless when you arrive in the camp you feel completely detached from the modern world in a wonderful way. Whilst in the camps you have the option to idle down the river in a canoe in order to explore the mangrove swamps and jungle lakes, all of which are teaming with wildlife. Or you can choose to relax on deserted beaches, visit local markets or take a guided tour through the depths of the jungle. You may even see evidence of wild elephants or tigers and if you are exceptionally lucky perhaps catch a glimpse of them.

Finally the most amazing part of a trip to Elephant Hills is the Elephant Experience itself. This exceptional concept was implemented in 2010. The experience allows guests to interact with the Elephants during their daily routine. They are able to feed them, watch them interact with their mahouts and wash them. However, Elephant Hills does not allow elephant riding given that it is not a natural elephant behavior, instead they remain conscious that a more interactive and respective encounter can be equally as enjoyable and rewarding for the guests, if not more so.

All of their elephants have previously been in captivity having worked in variety of different roles, for example some of their elephants worked in the logging industry until this activity was banned by law in 1989.

Having visited elephant hills and their floating jungle camp, taken part in the elephant experience and the other activities that are on offer, Imperium Lifestyle can only recommend the experience. It is truly a unique, once in a lifetime experience that we found incredibly rewarding and enjoyable. Additionally and perhaps most importantly of all the elephant’s care seems to be first and foremost on their agenda.

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