Monica Vinader Jewellery

The jewellery brand Monica Vinader was founded in 2007 by Monica and Gabriela Vinader, two sisters with a clear vision for their brand. From the get go they wanted to create a global luxury brand, recognising that there was gap between fine and costume jewellery that could be bridged by their brand from the accessibly luxury arena.

Monica is the main creative mind behind much of the brands collections. She went to art school and spent a number of years developing an understanding of the industry whilst working for UK-based jewellers Tateossian. Gabriela is the company’s chief operating officer, having worked at Amazon, the Boston Consulting Group and Merrill Lynch prior to joining the jewellery venture.

Perhaps most importantly of all they clearly understand the significance and importance of great customer service and the power of involving the customer. All great brands ensure that each and every customer enjoys a positive and engaging experience whenever they interact with the brand and Monica Vinader is no different. Whether you peruse one of their stores or make a purchase via their website they are responsive, passionate and adorably helpful.

Delightfully customisation is part of the brands foundations — the rings and pendants that the company sells are designed to be worn in combination, allowing customers to create individual pieces at no extra cost. Additionally every Monica Vinader store and concession offers in-house engraving for friendship bracelets, necklaces and more.

Imperium Lifestyle is smitten with the way Monica Vinader designs continually display eminence, quality and opulence. Every employee we have spoken with has been friendly, helpful and understanding. Furthermore, whilst some pieces touch on the realms of unaffordable they offer so more within an affordable price range.

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