The Rabbit Restaurant

The three Gladwin brothers founded their fledgling food empire in 2012 when they opened The Shed in Notting Hill, London. With one brother imparting his knowledge from a career in the hospitality industry, another adding his talents as a chef and the third joining the venture with his farming expertise the brothers, in their own words, fully understand the food cycle from start to finish. Perhaps this is why they have managed to create another truly unique and refreshingly organic British tapas restaurant called Rabbit. Located on the famous Kings Road in London it is a quirky, innovative and daring enterprise that has managed to capture the imagination of many. Whilst oozing a simple form of elegance it’s rustic and organic decor allows you to instantly feel at home in a part of London where a large number of restaurants enforce an element of prestige that makes you sit up just a little bit straighter in your chair and squirm at the thought to the final bill.

The staff appear happy, friendly, enthusiastic and helpful which adds to the peaceful and cheerful environment that relaxes you and allows everyone to enjoy the adventurous and intriguing menu. On our recent visit to Rabbit we enjoyed some small British dishes with an intelligent twist that made you us feel we were experiencing something special. From paprika cuttlefish and fallow deer to mushroom marmite eclairs and beetroot crisps everything seemed new and intrepid but the food was wholesome, thoroughly enjoyable and filling.

We urge you to check out this little culinary gem if ever you are in the area.

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