The Umoro Shaker

Founded in 2013 the Umoro story, from the founders themselves is as follows:

We are a shift in thinking.

Committed to a collective goal to revolutionize your health and wellness.

Together with your help, we’ve become a social movement built on trust and quality.

Taking you steps closer to your goals with an unparalleled product and service experience.

Also, providing you with industry leading customer care to assist you with all your inquiries.

Ambitious, nevertheless the Umoro product really does stand out amongst its contemporaries. It is completely leak proof due to its rubberized seals and the shaker’s compartment allows you to carry protein, meal replacements, water flavour enhancers or dietary supplements.

It is easy clean, dishwasher safe, durable and the plastic retains clarity. Perhaps most importantly of all for a shaker it is also odor and shatter resistant. It is engineered to be one of the most durable and everlasting shaker bottle. They have built the lid on the theory that two is better than one. A strong plastic inner shell is fitted on the outside with firm rubber.

The Umoro shakers are made with EcoZen bioplastic, a high quality material that it is claimed retains its clarity and strength over time.

Perhaps most impressive of all for this new shaker maker is that sustainable growth strategy. This includes offsetting carbon emissions and the use of innovative carbon neutral bioplastics. They work in partnership with The Carbon Farmer, with 1 square foot of forest in Alberta, Canada planted for every Umoro product sold. An initiative which they highlight has already helped to offset over 250 tonnes of carbon emissions!

At Imperium Lifestyle we are a fan of the Umoro and believe it is a great addition to anyone healthy lifestyle regime. You also get a one year warranty from Umoro.

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